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The sleep cycles

I Will Sleep Well is a web application that helps you to choose when you should go to bed or when you should wake up to have an optimal and restorative sleep. Sleep is an essential element for your health and can influence many factors in your life. The bad mood is the most notable factor that appears when you had a bad sleep. Lack of sleep also affects attention, concentration but also health risks like diabetes and obesity.

Thus, it is important to have a good sleep to simply live better. Did you know that the night of a person consists of several sleep cycles?

But what is a sleep cycle?

When we fall asleep, our brain slows down, everything becomes calm and then we go into a light sleep. A little bit after, sleep becomes deeper to a phase called "deep sleep", it is at this moment that your sleep is the most beneficial. Then we move into REM (Rapid Eye Movement) sleep conducive to all kinds of dreams to finally end the cycle with the intermediate phase. Following the end of a cycle, a new cycle can start or we can just wake up. An entire cycle last on average 90 min.

Our website allows you to accurately calculate the time when you should wake up (or the time to go to bed), to wake up at the end of a sleep cycle to be fit and in a good mood.

Unknowingly, we can program our awakening in the middle of a deep sleep, and you can be sure you will wake up in a bad mood, with I Will Sleep Well you can not do it wrong.
So feel free to come to our page to easily calculate your sleep cycles and share this useful tip to your friends!

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