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5 habits or things to be avoided while sleeping

Night time snacking

This is mainly a problem with people that watch TV very late in the night. They will once in a while feel like grabbing some snacks from the fridge. It is also a problem with people that wake up a lot in the night. However, how much you think that you are doing your body some good by taking a snack later in the night or just some minutes before getting to bed, you harm your sleep in a major way. When you eat before going to bed, you risk low-quality sleep because of gastroesophageal reflux disorder. At night when you are not active, your digestive system is not active. Therefore, when you take food, production of stomach acids is triggered. Because the acid is not properly utilized, it flows into the esophagus. This makes you feel uncomfortable in the stomach. It is very hard for you to catch some sleep when in this state and when you get some, it will be of inferior quality. Experts insist that you take food some few hours before going to bed.

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