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7 tips for a better sleep

Tip n°4: breathing exercises (part 1)

mieux dormir All the problems we face every night are only symptoms of something deeper.

The vast majority of people is simply not rooted in the present moment. From the moment the alarm clock is ringing, we are in a semi-automatic mode. Thoughts are coming: what time is it? Where did I park my car yesterday? And on the way to work, thoughts continue in trying to plan the tasks to do for the day.

The common point of these thoughts is that they are not in the present moment. They are either in the future or in the past, which all are illusory places. And when we are in our head to "think", we are not in our body, anchored. Our body makes us know because we become stressed, anxious and these negative emotions generate other bad thoughts, it is a vicious circle. If you do not stop yourself a moment during the day to center yourself, these emotions and thoughts will come under the cover with you to keep you away from sleeping. In the next section, we propose you an exercise that will help you to anchor yourself in your body, calm your mind and release slowly the accumulated emotional charge.

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