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7 tips for a better sleep

Tip n°7: Avoid screens

mieux dormir The modern screen technologies are extremely bad for your sleep. Television, video games, tablets and smart phones, they all disturb your sleep.

According to a Norwegian study with 10,000 youth aged from 16 to 19 years old (Note IWSW: but we doe not take too much risk to spread the results of this study to the rest of the population), people who are in front of a screen more than 4 hours per day increases their risk of 49% to take more than an hour to fall asleep. The risk is maximal for those who are looking at their screens in the hour before bedtime.

Here are our tips on the danger of screens for sleep:

- Stop watching your screens an hour before bedtime. The artificial light from your screen is extremely stimulating for your brain. Just before sleeping, it affects the sleep cycles by altering the secretion of melatonin and delays the sleeping time.

- When you program your alarm clock in your bed with your smart phone, turn it off right after.

- If you usually read articles or books on internet before falling asleep, try the e-readers. They do not project any artificial light because their technology uses polarized ink and the quality is the same as a book.

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