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7 tips for a better sleep

Tip n°5: breathing exercises (part 2)

mieux dormir This conscious breathing exercise has to be done every day, 30 minutes before going to bed:

1 – Wear comfortable clothing (take off ties, suits and heels).

2 - You can sit on the floor or on a chair, the important thing is to have your back and your head straight. Do not sit in your bed.

3 - Set your alarm 15 to 20 minutes, then close your eyes.

4 - Breathe normally. At first, "scan" mentally all parts of your body, always with your eyes closed. Pay full attention to your right foot, then move your attention to your leg until your belly. Then move your attention to your arms then until your hand etc… You got the idea, scan around your body 2-3 times in the order you want. This will allow to progressively be anchored in the body.

5 - Then we breathe consciously and in a connected way. It is simple, just breathe normally, without pausing between inspiration and expiration. The breathing is gentle and the duration of the inspiration is the same as for the expiration. This is important, otherwise you're going to hyperventilate. No pause between the inspiration and the expiration allows your attention to be fully in the present moment.

6 - When the alarm rings, do not get up right away. Stay for a moment with your eyes closed and start breathing normally.

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